Maeda MC 285C


  • Slim Body Width (750mm)
  • Low Ground Pressure
  • Maneuverability & Stability
  • Programmable New, Improved Moment Limiter
  • Crane/Outrigger Interlock System
  • 4/2 Fall Hook Block
  • Hydrostatic Transmission
  • Tilt Sensor/Alarm
  • Track System For Easy Maneuvering
  • Powerful 2 Speed Winch
  • Hydraulic Disc Brake
  • Remote Control


  • Model Details
  • Total Rated Load
  • Working Range Chart
  • Brochure Download


Maeda Spider Crane MC-285C

Crane capacity2.82 t  x 1.4m
Max. working radius8.205m x 150kg
Max. lifting Height8.7m x 550kg
Hook speed9.3m / min (4 layer, 4 falls)
Single line speed37.2m x min (4th layer)
Hoist ropeIWRC 6 x Fi (29) Φ 7mm x 48m
Telescopic systemBoom length2.535m – 8.575m
Telescoping Speed6.04m  / 22 sec.
Boom typeFully automatic 5 section pentagonal telescopic boom (3-5 section: simultaneous telescoping)
Hoist angle / speed0 – 80º / 14 sec.
Slewing System360º continuous / 1.0 rpm
Outrigger type4 Multi position box type with lock valves
Max extended dimensionsL 4580mm x F 4530mm x R 3810mm
Travel systemDriveHydrostatic type, stepless forward and reverse
Travel speed0 – 2.2 km/h
Crawler ground length x width975mm x 200mm (tracked dimensions)
Ground pressure0.497kgf / cm² CRM (0.537 kgf / cm² CRME)
EngineModelYanmar 2TNV70-NMBA
Type2 cylinder water cooled diesel
Rated output7.4 Kw / 2500 rpm
Starting methodElectric
Fuel tank / capacityDiesel / 12L
MC285CRM-2 (Length x Width x Height)2825mm x 750mm x 1470mm
MC285CRM(E)-2 (Length x Width x Height)3390mm x 750mm x 1470mm
Standard Equipment:Overwind protection, angle indicator, hydraulic safety valve, wire rope latch, level, machine body inclination alarm, EMO switch, new moment limiter, working status lamp, data logger, outrigger setting lamp, crane and outrigger interlock device, 4/2 fall hook block.
Optional EquipmentWhite rubber tracks, single fall hook, searcher hook (300kg max. capacity, weight approx 30kg).

4.075m boom

5.575m boom

7.075m boom

8.575m boom

Working Radius (m)Total Rated Load (kg)Working Radius (m)Total Rated Load (kg)Working Radius (m)Total Rated Load (kg)Working Radius (m)Total Rated Load (kg)
3.705920  6.53507.0200